Kelly Lynn Lozano Show

Kelly Lynn Lozano gets up every day to teach and inspire women to do the very things in life they have always wanted to do. She equips women with the building blocks they need to dream, learn, and grow. Join her weekly to discover how to live your best story!


Season 1, Episode 8

I believe that all of us are getting ready to change seasons. Our new season is not going to be about who wins the election or the pandemic…our new season is going to be about You and what YOU choose for your new season. Choose wisely! Dream big! Pray big! Ask Big! Move Big! This new season will bring: a new beginning, more energy, more creativity, and more strength! Listen in to episode eight of the Kelly Lynn Lozano Show to learn how to identify the gifts of our past seasons, why letting go of the bitterness and sorrow is so important and the inspiration to HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS!

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