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Kelly Lynn Lozano gets up every day to teach and inspire women to do the very things in life they have always wanted to do. She equips women with the building blocks they need to dream, learn, and grow. Join her weekly to discover how to live your best story!

Finding Your Purpose

Season 1, Episode 5

Working in our purpose not only changes the lives of those we love but changes the lives of those that we are called to serve and love! Working in our gifts is the how to change our generational curses to generational blessings!

Episode 5 in Season 1 gives you what to look for in finding your purpose and what signs there are along the way to let you know you are not operating in your purpose. Sometimes all we need in a little conversation to get us back on the path to our amazing DESTINY!

Tune in to the Kelly Lynn Lozano Face Book page on Thursday evenings at 7 pm to dig a little deeper into the weekly shows, where I also look forward to answering questions and sharing stories with all of you!

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