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Kelly Lynn Lozano gets up every day to teach and inspire women to do the very things in life they have always wanted to do. She equips women with the building blocks they need to dream, learn, and grow. Join her weekly to discover how to live your best story!


Season 1, Episode 7

Hey Girl!  A little reality and a dash of inspiration all mixed into this message (Episode 7) we all need to hear; It Takes Guts to dream.  If dreaming were easy everyone would be manifesting all kinds of amazing abundance in their lives.  The reality is dreaming takes time, courage, action and yes, GUTS.

On purpose lets dream big. Let’s muster up the courage one ounce at a time to start to change our lives by LEARNING TO LIVE, even if it means crawling on our hands and knees to start with.  I promise you with practice and patience you will be soaring in no time!


I am a Girl on Fire!

Kelly Lynn Lozano

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